The Legend of “Baccarat”

Not every card game is surrounded by legends, but baccarat is special. The legend says that the basis of the game of bakar is an ancient Etruscan ritual, the essence of which was to decide the fate of a young virgin beauty in favor of the worship of nine gods or their life.

In France, baccarat appeared at the end of the 15th century, and immediately gained its popularity in aristocratic circles right up to the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, it was forbidden to play backra. To be able to bypass the laws and prohibitions, the players of secret card communities gathered in secret places and, for greater conspiracy, changed the name of baccarat to “Iron”.

The legal return of the card game to entertainment establishments falls on the second half of the twentieth century, which has not lost its relevance and relevance to this day.

Modern baccarat game

To date, for playing baccarat, special gaming tables with markings are installed where eight card decks are used. To deal with the cards to the players, modern casinos use a special “clog” machine that deals cards in a certain sequence. The maximum number of players taking part at the same time is 14.

Baccarat is an easy card game, with a fairly quick determination of the winner. To receive his winnings, the participant of the game only needs to place a bet. The further outcome of events will be known only after the final deal of cards and the announcement of the results.

Purpose of the game

The main task of baccarat players is to predict the outcome of events, that is, to determine the victory of the player or the dealer. The rules of the game of baccarat state that at a certain time, all participants place their bets on one of the options for the outcome of the game and wait for the results. Possible betting options: punto, banco and draw.

Possible combinations and denominations of cards The winning combinations in the card game “Baccarat” are the total combination of two playing cards, the face value of which is the sum of eight to nine points.

The nominal value of playing cards in baccarat from two to nine corresponds to their nominal value, the ace gives the value 1, and the rest of the pictures have no profit.

If the player has the total value of the cards more than nine, then ten is subtracted from their value. In other words, the value of the cards in the player’s hands will always be within the limits of nine, and the option with brute force is simply excluded.

Making bets

In a modern entertainment establishment today, you can make 3 types of bets, indicating a certain area of ​​the table:

    • On the player’s win – – the deposit is made on the player’s positive result and in case of victory is returned in cash equivalent 1: 1.
    • For the dealer’s winnings – the deposit is made on the dealer’s positive result and, in case of victory, is returned in a monetary equivalent of 1: 1 with a 5% commission refraining.
  • On the outcome of the game in a draw – the deposit is made on the outcome of the same results for both the dealer and the player. in case of victory, it is returned to the guesser in the equivalent of 8: 1, in some entertainment establishments 9: 1.